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María y sus hijos (Maria and her family)
Mediation, an intelligent way of solving conflicts
a DVD showing the conflict between an old lady and her two grown children.

The conflict begins with an accident in the home which means the beginning of Maria’s dependency. This brings to light the long history of misunderstanding between the son and daughter.

The film shows negative consequences all would suffer if the conflict is not resolved through dialogue. Mediation is proposed as the ideal way of resolving the situation, and stressing its capability of avoiding future conflict.

The documentary promotes mediation and presents its essential characteristics. It didactic content presents the major elements of the mediation process: the first session, the movement from positions to interests, the participation of the members, the role of the mediator and the parties involved, the creative solution, etc.

All this makes the DVD bery useful for talks and conferences, as well as for mediation and professional training.

Duration: 18 minutes
Here is a short extract (3'20 minuts)

A Fernando Espinós DVD
with the collaboration of Mercè Alaball
Edition: Anna Masllorens and Mariona Ortiz
With the advice of Salvador Puntes i Maria Munné

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