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Una pérdida: dos maneras de vivirla
(A great loss: two ways of experiencing loss)
A case of intergeneration mediation

A DVD showing the conflict arising between a woman and her mother in law on the death of the respective husband and son.

A great loss: two ways of experiencing bereavement" presents the case of Luisa and her daughter in law Ana, who have just lost Jordi, the son and husband. Some time after Jordi's death, Ana begins a new relationship which causing conflict within the family, as Ana rejects this new development.

This video presents the development of conflict within the family: Luisa and Ana's feelings about the conflict, their emotions during mediation, their positions, differences, frustrations and the beginning of a new way of communicating. It also provides an overview of mediation, demonstrating techniques such as control of the mediation process, the summary, reformulation, open and closed questions, the co-mediators' tasks, both round the mediation table and between sessions, the creation of the agenda, etc.

The contrasting values and beliefs held by the people in mediation are brought to light and the technique for presenting them openly and accepting them, an essential step for resolving the conflict, is proposed.

This short film is a pedagogical tool for use in conferences, courses and training, as well as for promoting mediation.

Length 25 minutes
Here is a short extract (3'09 minuts)

A DVD of
Directed by Fernando Espinós.

 · María and her family
A great loss: two ways of experiencing loss
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