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El restaurante de la familia Pou
(The Pou's restaurant)
The mediation in the conflicts of the family business
a DVD showing conflict in a family business.

"The Pou's restaurant" is the title of a documentary narrating conflict in a family business. Mr. Pou, who began the business, left it in the hands of his son José and daughter Berta. The conflict amongst these two begins over how to run the business, threatening its future.

The intervention of a mediator, in collaboration with other specialists, makes dialogue between the two easier, and provides mutually satisfactory agreements which contribute towards drawing up a family protocol which will order management of the business.

This aim of this short film is to present mediation as an ideal way of resolving family conflict to those specialists working in this area (lawyers, advisors, consultants, economists, etc.) as well as business people and the founders of family businesses.

Length: 20 minutes.
Here is a short extract (2'16 minuts)

A DVD of
Directed by Fernando Espinós.

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The Pou's restaurant